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BMC on Competitive Cyclist

About BMC

No other brand makes framesets as visually distinctive as BMC. The Integrated Skeleton technology that gives such a unique look to their frames is also a key structural element. Ride a BMC and you'll experience a combination of lateral stiffness, shock damping and lightness unlike anything you've ever ridden. Not unlike the Onda fork and seatstay you see on the Pinarello Dogma Carbon, the radical shaping of BMC's tubesets are the first thing people talk about when they see a Pro Machine SLR 01 or Race Master RM 01. And like Pinarello's Onda, this visually startling detail isn't just there for looks. It serves a vital function in providing a BMC frame with its dynamic ride -- stiff enough for dramatic accelerations, light enough to provide a distinct advantage on an Alpine climb, and compliant enough to smooth out rough, rural roads. And BMC doesn't reserve innovation for their top-dollar frames only. With designs like the Streampost integrated seatmast, you get futuristic design, authentic benefit, and pure beauty in less-costly bikes like the Race Master SLX 01 and Road Racer SL 01.

Few brands have invested more money or shown more of a commitment to CAD analysis and computer simulations during development and production, and stress testing of the final product. BMC's ability to transform a chalkboard idea into a sophisticated bicycle isn't just a road phenomenon. As evidenced by the Advanced Pivot System suspension and the carbon construction of the Fourstroke and Speedfox, as well as the wicked lightness of the Team Elite, BMC's Swiss Precision is just as single-minded in the mountain bike realm to create a beautiful bike that delivers unmatched performance.