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Assos Features & Highlights


The LL.habuTights_s7 Bib Tights

Your trusty Assos T.tiburu_s7 shorts and knickers are perfect for chilly fall days and early spring rides, but sometimes winter calls for more protection. Get covered with the Assos Men's LL.habuTights_s7 Bib Tights, which feature the soft, weather-blocking elements of their shorter counterparts but with full leg protection against the snow and cold.

The LL.bonkatights_s7

When it comes to bib tight fit, the LL.bonkaTights are the closest to perfection that we've had the opportunity to struggle into — in a word, they're magical.

The T.RallyShorts_S7

With their removable impact pads and slim fit, the Assos T.RallyShorts_S7 are Assos' very first offroad mountain bike-specific shorts. The T.RallyShorts_S7 are built off of the same S7 platform as Assos' road shorts, so you know these are of top quality.