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Wahoo Fitness KICKR SNAP PowerTrainer


Item # WHA0001

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Item # WHA0001

Winter training in a snap.

As the leaves take on the bright hues of autumn and begin to fall, shorter days and plummeting temperatures force you to finally concede that it's time to outfit the indoor cycling haven. Give those trainer doldrums a kick and boost your winter training routine with the Wahoo KICKR SNAP PowerTrainer. When you're stuck indoors and out of the snow, it does its best to make you feel like you're riding outside with options to create specific, power-based workouts for effective training sessions.

The first thing you may notice about the KICKR SNAP is its weight: at a claimed 38 pounds, it's not the lightest trainer available. But the KICKR SNAP isn't trying to be the lightest or the most portable. Instead, it includes a 10.5lb high-inertia flywheel with an easy-to-use wheel-on design to mimic the feel of the road to a maximum wattage of 1100 watts.

Once you get set up, the KICKR SNAP Power Trainer's built-in power meter and resistance unit is controlled wirelessly by Android, Windows, or Apple hardware devices with Wahoo's training app and an impressively comprehensive list of online training sites. It's compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 as well as most smartphones and computers, so you have your choice of devices and training apps to use with it. It measures speed, distance, and power at a claimed accuracy of +/-5% without additional sensors. You can choose to set your desired power or resistance yourself or sync the trainer to your training app and not worry about anything but keeping up through the resistance changes.

Though it's foldable, the KICKR SNAP Power Trainer needs to be connected to an external power source and must be controlled by a separate device, so it isn't the trainer you'll want to bring with you for pre-race warm-ups. Use the KICKR SNAP for its accuracy and for quality indoor workouts that will maintain form carried from summer into late autumn, build winter base miles, and have you ready to get back outside for the races of early spring.

The Wahoo KICKR SNAP PowerTrainer is compatible with 650c and 700c road wheels and 24-29in mountain wheels with 130mm or 135mm hub spacing.

  • Realistic trainer ideal for strength-building winter workouts
  • Controlled via an outside source
  • Compatible with all major operating systems and apps
  • Includes built-in power meter
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Requires an external power source to run

Tech Specs

[frame] stainless steel
Recommended Use:
Manufacturer Warranty:
1 year

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Avg. ride time: 3h 34m per week
  • Average ride time is based on Strava activity over the last 3 months. Give your reviews credibility by connecting your account.

Buy this trainer!

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Last year, I spent the winter riding on a Cycleops Jet Fluid Pro trainer, which is a "dumb" trainer. I used a PowerTap hub in my rear wheel to measure power so that I could use Zwift. Everything worked great, and I was amazed how quiet the trainer was compared to magnetic units I've used in the past.

This year my wife wanted a dedicated trainer, so she took the Cycleops and I got to upgrade to this, the Wahoo Kickr Snap. Oh man, it's amazing!!! I honestly didn't think it was possible, but it is even quieter than the Cycleops. It is the quietest trainer I've ever used, bar none. As you might be able to tell, this is really important to me, because I live in an old wooden apartment building with neighbors downstairs who I like, and don't want to hate me.

As for the "smart" trainer aspects, the Kickr Snap is always within ~2-5% of the power reading from my PowerTap hub, so I trust it. The variable resistance when using Zwift (how I do most of my indoor training) is amazing, and feels pretty realistic. Overall I couldn't be happier with this trainer.

If you forced me to find one flaw with the trainer, I can think of only two. First, it's annoying to have to stop and calibrate the unit by "spinning down" 10 minutes into every ride, but this is a small price to pay for a power-meter smart trainer at this price. Also, even though the stance of the trainer seems just as wide as the Cycleops, the Kickr Snap is more likely to rock side to side when I'm doing an all out effort (~800 watts...hey, I'm little). This is no big deal for me, but if you can push 1,000+ watts in a sprint, you may find yourself rocking this trainer more than some with wider stances.

In short, I couldn't recommend a trainer more highly.

Works as advertised. Great price.

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Works great with Zwift. Bought for girlfriend and couldn't pass up the $479.99 price. Quieter than my Kickr. Make sure you do the 2 advanced spindowns on first use. Also do the regular spindown before each ride to make sure the wheel tension falls in between 9-16 seconds.

Unanswered Question

Hi. Have the bugs been worked out on the android app? The only other hardware that I will need is a smartphone or tablet that meets software requirements?

Avg. ride time: 2h 52m per week
  • Average ride time is based on Strava activity over the last 3 months. Give your reviews credibility by connecting your account.

Wahoo Kickr Snap

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Absolutly Awesome !!! This my first smart trainer. Prior to this trainer, I would go to spin class with my old magnetic trainer and bike twice per week throughout the winter months, Never again !!! Between Zwift and Wahoo i'm not sure i'm in a rush to go outside even when the weather is somewhat favorable, it is that good. The trainer gives you the road feel of what you would get outside, if your on a hill climb the trainer will start to add resistance slowly as if you were starting to climb, as the hill gets steeper more resistance is applied. This trainer has taken my cycling to another level, I am now using my heart rate and watts output as training tools and watching week to week how my thresholds have increased and continue to do so. I did quite a bit of research on smart trainers before purchasing the Kickr Snap, well built, most % of resistance/gradient on hill climbs, easy downloads for updating firmware, least amount of problems/returns and most important best customer service based on all of the reviews i could find online. I love it and you will to.

Love the Snap!

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

This is my first electronically controlled trainer and I am very impressed. I have had no issues with tire slip and the bike is very easy to take on and off. I am using the Zwift program and app and the trainer responds great with the program. It is amazing how near to the feeling of riding on the road this can produce.

Avg. ride time: 1h 11m per week
  • Average ride time is based on Strava activity over the last 3 months. Give your reviews credibility by connecting your account.

So far so good!

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I only have about 10 rides on the trainer so far. The trainer is working exactly as advertised. It is much quite than my previous trainer. It works well with 3rd party applications to give a good workout.

I would highly recommend this trainer!

IMO it's better than the Kickr!

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Tried a Kickr for 2 weeks before returning it for a Kickr Snap. My other trainer is a KK Rock and Roll with large flywheel.

IMO the Snap is better than the (more expensive) Kickr:

1. Easier to put a bike into or remove it from the Snap. No derailleur re-adjustments; ride indoors one day, outdoors the next and back indoors the next -- no worries.

2. The Snap is FAR FAR quieter than the Kickr. Anyone who tells you 'they're about the same' hasn't actually tried both or has some other agenda!

3. Snap electronics are the same as the Kickr (excellent) so anything you can do with a Kickr you can do with a Kickr Snap.

4. Flywheel smoothness is slightly better on the Kickr but the Snap is impressively smooth for a magnetic trainer -- nearly as smooth as the KK.

5. I'm using a 25mm Schwalbe One tubeless road tire (slick). There is virtually NO slipping roller tensioned to give a 15 sec spin down.

All-in-all I think the Kickr Snap is a better trainer for most people than the original Kickr. It's cheaper, easier to set up and use and has the same electronics.

IMO it's better than the Kickr!

Great review Dana! Is the only advantage of the Snap over the KK RnR that its power can be controlled by the external app? If memory serves the RnR can at least measure your power, so you can still follow (using shifting) a workout displayed by an external app.

@James K.
The Snap is a "smart" trainer insofar as resistance can be controlled by any number of devices and/or software programs (Zwift, TrainerRoad, various iPhone apps, etc.). KK doesn't have a true smart trainer option yet; the InRide power meter doesn't really "measure power" so much as simply measure flywheel rotation, match it to a power curve and display the result in watts. But it's not actually measuring power. In my experience (2 seasons using InRide) it is not reliable. You'll do just as well simply looking at your speed and comparing it to the KK power curve.
Yes, you can use shifting to get a similar experience but IMO once you've used a smart trainer with e.g. Zwift you'll be reluctant to go back to any dumb trainer.

Hello, Dana! I'm glad i found someone who has tried both kickr and snap before I make my final decision! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I just want to make a follow up question. You said "Snap is a better trainer for most people than the original Kickr". Did you find any issue (small or big) that a few people might find good enough to pick the bigger kickr instead?

Hey Ben,
Purists will say that, because the Kickr is "direct drive" (wheel off) and has a real strain gauge, it gives more accurate power readings. Wahoo says the Kickr is +/- 2% and the Snap is +/- 5% accurate.

I don't think I'd trade my Snap for a Kickr even if someone offered me an even swap. The only smart trainer that I'd consider paying more for is the new Tacx Neo:

1. Bike is less rigidly held in the Neo (something like the Kinetic Rock and Roll),
2. Neo actually adds power on Zwift downhills for more realistic "coasting" feel,
3. Neo is quieter than Kickr (but note that Snap is VERY quiet).

Question: Do you miss the movement of the Rock n Roller? Now that Kinetic has a bolt on power control unit (Oct 2016) they are, to my knowledge, the only trainer that allows that movement, I would like to stay with my Kinetic, but do you miss the ability to move the bike a large amount back and forth?

@Gordon Croucher
Excellent question. Yes, I do think the Kinetic Rock and Roll gives a more realistic "road feel" than e.g. the Kickr Snap because of the side-to-side movement possible with the Kinetic.
I haven't seen the new Rock and Roll "Smart Control" trainer actually available for sale anywhere (yet) but I think it could be an interesting alternative (assuming the smart features work OK).
One caveat: I liked my R&R so much partly because of (in addition to the flexible mount) the Pro Flywheel. It isn't clear from the Kinetic website whether the Pro Flywheel is compatible with the new Smart Control trainers.
IMO a Smart Control R&R with Pro Flywheel could very well be the best (only) alternative to a Tacx Neo!

Avg. ride time: 4m per week
  • Average ride time is based on Strava activity over the last 3 months. Give your reviews credibility by connecting your account.


  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Bought initially for Swift usage for the upcoming winter in Wisconsin. I chose the Snap over the Kickr primarily because it will work with all of our bikes (I didn't want to have to swap out cassettes when we switch between my sons 11s bike and our 10s bikes).

The electronic app controlled resistance works great--you definitely can feel the inclines on the Watopia and Richmond courses when using Zwift. Also, there is an erg mode, accessible through Zwift workout mode and through the iPhone Wahoo Fitness app--which make using Sufferfest (and other software that does not utilize app controlled resistance) possible.

The Snap is very well constructed, easy to set up and extremely sturdy. I expect it to last for quite a while-and still be relevant due to easy firmware updates.

I highly recommend it!

I am wondering about wheel slippage on this trainer. I currently use a trainer where this is not an issue (Travel Trac), but had a trainer before in which it was difficult to get the right resistance between roller and tire.

to Cookie Monster:
I have a Kickr Snap and a KK Rock and Roll. Neither trainer exhibits much wheel spin if the tire is properly inflated and roller tension is correct. The Kickr Snap is brand new and has ZERO slippage.
I ride with just regular road tubeless -- don't mount a special tire for training.