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About Selle Italia

Like much of Italy's legendary cycling industry, Selle Italia traces its roots back before the golden age of racing to a time when bicycles were used simply as transportation. Selle Italia has been manufacturing saddles in Italy since 1897, and while working class cyclists were the brand's original focus, by the 1970s Europe's obsession with bicycle racing led the manufacturer to set its sights on building superior saddles for the peloton.

This drive to build better racing saddles has resulted in products that are iconic in the truest sense of the word. Models like Turbo, Flite, and SLR helped to define their respective decades, each being a leap forward in construction, weight, and, most importantly, comfort. And while the development cycle never stops, the constant factor has been legions of adoring fans hailing from both the professional and amateur ranks.

Today, Selle Italia manufactures a range of saddles for mountain bikes, road bikes, and triathlon. With a range of shapes to suit nearly any cyclist, odds are that you'll find a Selle Italia saddle that fits like a glove, and is backed by one of cycling's most impressive legacies.

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