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Purchased the chartreuse vest, not so much for the wind protection, but for visibility when riding on rural roads here in the desert. I've noticed that traffic now gives me plenty of room when they pass. Only drawback is that the cool graphics on my new jerseys are hidden by the vest. Oh well, I'd rather be safe to ride another day.

The vest will ride up a wee bit in the rear if you have your jersey pockets stuffed with the normal things, like a spare tube, identification, house keys, camera, nutrition, etc. Doesn't ride up too much.


It attaches with a Velcro strap around your handlebar or seatpost. The inside of the strap has some type of gel that helps keep it from rotating on your bars, but I found that that gum strip is coming off. I purchased both a front and rear light. Very small, charges with the included USB adapter. Seems bright enough. I use the flashing mode to attract attention.

The machined aluminum bracket mounts behind a water bottle cage. It only wraps half way around the pump and the pump is held in place by a velcro strap. The bracket has a rubberized face where it contacts the pump, so it does not slip. I've rode many miles with a Road Drive, over some rough pavement at times, and the pump has never slipped. I like the the system. It's a lot easier to remove the pump out than the older "snap in" brackets.