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Vlad P.

Vlad P.

Vlad P.

Vlad P.wrote a review of on August 18, 2009

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The Good: Great styling, they fit my large-ish head very well and look nice. The optics work well and the lenses offer a wide range of light management. The lens swap process is simple and the case comes with a special pocket to store all of them.

The Bad: Forehead sweat tends to pool around the top of the frame, stream down the lenses, and remain inside the lens area.

The Verdict: I bought these for biking. I ride just about every day. I like the versatility that the inter-lock lens system allows, especially when using the clear lenses for night riding. I sweat when I ride and, as I write this review, I'm doing so in the brutal summer months. The oversize frames tend to come in contact with my forehead and and act as sweat conduits. This is annoying at best and has never significantly altered my vision. I don't recall having this issue with other frames.

In conclusion: I like them and I don't regret my purchase. I can deal with the sweat, but they're not perfect. They are great for the price and do well in all other respects.