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If you're looking for a dependable warm shoe cover this can do the job to around 35 degrees. The difference in reviewers comments might be because some wear summer highly breathable shoes with these covers while others are wearing shoes with a less breathable fabric. The difference I've experienced in midwestern windy and cold temps is the shoes. Feet will freeze in wind chill if I wear summer shoes even with these covers. Get warmer inserts (use your Ugg inserts if you're not racing or training) to keep the cold off the bottom of your feet. These covers aren't magical. They're built well enough to endure the season(s) without breaking down in any way but can't keep frigid air from eventually attacking your feet. The holes for your pedal and heel let the air through to chill the soles of your shoes. If you're riding in mild to no wind they're great. Windy? Better have some warmers.


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If you're thinking of buying these because they are less expensive than the BodyPaint bibs you'll be happy with the Progetto X2 chamois. However, the reviews are correct that point out the difference in sizing. Those who own Castelli bibs feel they'll be safe in ordering the same size, like I did (mine was XL). I own two sets of the team issued bibs with the Kiss3 chamois and expected that the Endurance bibs would fit the same. They felt about 2 sizes too small. Perhaps this is why the Progetto X2 chaffed at a critical point. The front of the chamois is not as expansive as the Kiss3 and I was surprised to find the seam of the bibs and the seams of the pad uniting right in the front. Maybe a larger size would have eliminated this but I'm hesitant to try.

Otherwise, the bib material is heavier than I expected and the shoulder straps are narrower than I expected. Again, a larger size may have been more pleasant to wear. The Progetto pad is better than the Kiss3 from my perspective. Not significantly noticeable on a shorter ride though.

Better than Kiss3, but...