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3 5

These are nice. Waterproof, snug fit. Look like they will hold up.
The zipper is really bad. They are very hard to get the shoe in and then get on. Ok for longer rides, but it means they aren't really practical for commutes and short trips.


2 5

I received this as a gift. I really wanted some wool knickers and bought myself the Ibex ones at the same time. The construction on these is nice, but they are much thinner than the Ibex. They would be cold below 40 deg.
As with all form fitting wool garments, they can't be 100% wool. I was surprised how much of these shorts were just regular spandex. The entire butt and inner thigh is 0% wool.
The chamois was the deal breaker. It is very thick with molded seams that cause it to bunch badly. Maybe this is personal preference but I found them unwearable,
I got a medium. I have a 33" waist and the fit was good. A little roomy in the backside but I'm skinny.


4 5

These are awesome. I'm almost tempted to say they are worth the steep price. 1 star deduction for the price tag. The fit is athletic and slim. They are very comfortable to pedal in, with no chafing of the knee. They really take the cold out of the air but don't cause you to sweat. I got caught in a decent rain the other day and was pleased to see all the water was beading. I had no fenders and when I got to work, my underwear was still dry.
Nice vent zips in the front and a pocket that is high enough for keys and they don't inhibit riding.
They will be my go to commute pants for 8 months in Seattle.


3 5

I'll give this jacket 3 stars, because it is nicely made, and fits well. It's true to size. I'm 6'+, 170# and the large was comfortable. The sleeves are long and the fit is appropriate for riding a road bike. However, it lacks stretch and is not form fitting. It ruffles in the wind and causes a noticeable amount of drag. Depending on who you are, you may or may not care. I'm not a strict roadie, but I don't want to be fighting the wind any more than I have to. It is water resistant, but not waterproof, making it a poor choice for a dedicated rain jacket. I'd say it would be perfect for MTB, but I bought the yellow for traffic visibility and the price makes me scared to crash in it. I'll keep rocking the $50 jacket for the woods and return this for a more form fitting racing jacket.