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5 5

I've seen great reviews and a few problems about fit. It fits me great, so I love this thing. the materials are much softer than expected, and it's a good looking jacket. the zipper teeth and other parts are tiny compared with regular non cycling jackets. Kinda worried if they will hold up, but we shall see. So far so good.


5 5

I rode with this for about 100 miles before it got too cold. I love the versatility and the ease of the on/off sleeves. It is as easy as advertised on utube videos. Velcro on wrist opening is a great plus to adjust airflow. The front pockets aren't as useless as I thought they would be for cycling. As long as relatively light weight stuff is put in the front pocket it doesn't bother me when riding. I'd rather have the pockets all in the back, but it isn't a cycling specific jacket so I'm ok with it. I'm looking forward to spring weather to wear this more.


4 5

Pros: love the air flow; fits me great; love the simple look and design; i feel very protected, like being in a luxury European car vs an Asian family sedan.

Cons: it is a heavy helmet. The visor has two airflow holes on the front edge. It allows for more airflow, but also the sun hits my face/eyes.

I got used to the weight easily and since I don't race and feel safe in it so I'm good with it.

Depending on your needs/preferences this is a great helmet