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thep666802wrote a review of on August 31, 2009

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The Oakley Pitch sunglasses are the top of the line. I have the Oakley wires also but they just don't cut it for golf, fishing, biking, and baseball. The Rader's are perfect and the best for anyone that will be active when they need sunglasses. They are much better then the M frames. The radar's are the upgraded version of the M frames. They are tighter on the face then the M frames but that's good cause the M frames would fall off your face when diving for a fly ball or mountain biking. There is a reason why MLB players wear the raders instead of the M frames. The Rader PITCH are better on the face then the paths. The path len is smaller and don't cut out all of the sunlight. If you have a big face, then mb the ranges are for you. I have a normal face and I like the pitches the best. GET the polarized or you just wasting your money. There expensive but I never go back to not having polarized sunglasses. Try to get them on sale. Mb backcountry will be cool and run a deal on them.