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3 5

I liked the look of these knickers and the quality of the material was good. But when I tried them on they did not fit me in a way I felt comfortable with. The rise seemed too short for me. I have larger calves and the length felt too long and gathered in a bunch right below my knees. They could be perfect for someone with a build different than mine.


3 5

I really wanted these bibs to work for me, and sadly, they did not. The zipper would not stay closed. I was afraid it would start to creep open while I was riding and pinch me. Also, the legs are very slim fit to the point that it restricted me bending my knees. No, my legs aren't that big and I did order a size up.

The plus side is that they are very cool looking and I know they would've been nice and warm. They would do the job nicely for a different person. They just weren't right for me.


2 5

The sizing for this style and brand runs a bit small and narrow. I did order about 1/2 size larger and it still was a snug fit. I could only wear a very thin sock in them. I would recommend ordering at least a full size larger. They also fit snug around the ankle. If you're a person with larger ankles, they may be a bit uncomfortable.

I did like the look, but "stylin" doesn't keep the feet warm. They were ok for about 5 miles. After that, they didn't keep my feet any warmer than a pair of mud rubbers over tennis shoes.....

I was also disappointed that they didn't come with the shoe clips. For that price I would expect to get a set with them.