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I'm a road cyclist. I rode a few different pairs of Oaks before I landed on these.

The main point of difference on the XLs is the height of the lens. These are tall enough that when you're in the drops, the top of the frames don't block your field of vision. This was not true of the standard Radarlock lenses.

I also rode a few months with the Radarlock XL photochromic lenses. I found that they didn't get dark enough for my taste in bright sunlight.


4 5

I got the HPG version. Much easier than other hand pumps to get your tire to pressure, since you can anchor to the ground. Pressure gauge is accurate (tested against my floor pump at home). Overall, solid pump.

Caveat 1: the hose got unscrewed near the pressure gauge and was leaking air. You can tighten it by hand and are good to go. Seems like a bizarre design flaw and scared me, but not really an issue.

Caveat 2: the pump rattles on my bike when in the frame mount. Since it is so long, when I go over big bumps, it will clatter against the frame. This was a deal breaker for me on my carbon bike. This pump now lives on my aluminum commuter, where it serves me well.


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I received this jersey, tried it on, and sent it back. Didn't ride with it.

Issue is with the sleeves. It's cool that they zip on/off. More comfortable than arm warmers when attached. However, placement of the zippers makes them near impossible to remove while wearing the jersey. You'd either need to take off the jersey or have someone help you. Extremely inconvenient if you want to remove sleeves during a ride.

Hope the next gen version moves the zippers. Gotta love BC's return policy though!