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I've tried the sram out front, garmin OF, and K-Edge garmin mounts. I like my k-edge a lot but the bolts protrude a bit. This Tate Labs BarFly 2.0 is the best of all of them and half the cost of the k-edge. Light, secure, and doesn't feel like it loosens it's hold on the garmin after lots of unmounts like how the K-Edge does.


Stiff. So peppy and responsive.
5 5

So I never thought I could swap out a part on my bike and feel immediately shocked. This crank did it though. I had just come from a 7800 Dura-Ace SRM crank, when I went to a Stages Power meter version of this Dura-Ace 9000. The quickness and stiffness of the arms was immediately shocking in my first turn and acceleration out of the neighborhood on my first ride. Months later, I still remember the sensation of me looking down in wonderment at my bottom bracket and crank, wondering what on earth could cause what felt like, a 300% boost in crank stiffness. 1600 miles on it since march 2013.


Dogma does it darn good
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I've put 7,000 miles on my Dogma2 since last spring and I've never felt a more solid frame underneath me. It eats up road harshness. It eats up anything you hit on the road and dispels it throughout the frame. I raced it over in Belgium in the summer of 2012 and it withheld the thrashing I put it through in U23 and 1.12B kermesses. Not did it only withstand the wringer. It thrived.