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The cut/fit is atrocious. I can't imagine who these were designed for. Can't pedal in these at all. They bind horribly. The fit in the waist is fine, although they are a bit short in back (plumber's crack... just a bit). Way too tight in the thighs, which is the main problem. Too loose down at the ankles. There are some elastic panels, but not nearly enough to allow comfortable pedaling. I was constantly having to fiddle/fidget with these, tug up on them here/there; then I could pedal for a bit. then they'd shift a bit and they would bind again. They are warm. But they are not very breathable at all. Clammy/wet on inside from sweat. I'm actually pretty shocked at how bad these are. These are my first pair of long MTB pants. Perhaps their main customers are DH riders that don't have to pedal at all. But for more general riding in cold/wet weather I would suggest looking elsewhere.


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very comfortable, and they have held up well (durable).

light, well ventilated, good fit

cable-lacing system works, but is gimicky and doesn't really provide much of a benefit over traditional laces. sole/lug pattern is very shallow and provides only mediocre traction. under heel the shoe is padded and protected from below. but under forefoot and front foot the shoe is very thin and offers almost no protection from objects you might step on. Why just the heel?

I've relegated these to around-town and now use Montrail Mountain Masochists for real trail running

and I'm experimenting with Vibram KSO Trek Sports. If you are going to give up on protection from below, you might as well go all the way.