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These are some of the best pedals I have used and I have been through many sets. I run them on my slopestyle bike and love them. I will recommend these to anyone who needs or wants platforms, but with a warning wear shins. Third week I had these I missed the right pedal came down hard and had to get 17 sutures in my shin, so they will tear you up if you don't respect the traction pins. It is awkward if you need to readjust your feet sometime too, because of the pins.


4 5

I liked the face the bolts that mount it to the steer tube aren't behind it so you don't knock the crap out of your knees. Its strong light and stiff, but you can get a product that is just as good at a lower price point. It is a stem you buy for form more then function. I do love the fact it has a low profile on the back so I did not jam my knees into it like my deity fantom, but I can run a syncros fric for $80 and get the same feature (mounting bars to the fric is a pain). The fric weighs 123grams. If I want brute strength I would stick with my deity fantom. If you want to spend over $100 on a stem I will recommend this one. Twenty6 makes some of the best and best looking products I have used but looks come at a cost. Unlike an expensive woman this will have less maintenance and you won't have to worry about it running off with a trainer.