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I bought these at chainlove even though the reviews bashed the lettering. I didn't care about the lettering and bought them anyways. As expected, the lettes came off during the first ride. Not in the wash, but while riding. No biggy, I was expecting it. Wore them two more times in the next month. After the third ride I noticed the chamois stitching was pulling out. That is no bueno. The chamois was hanging down in the back after the ride. I wash according to their instructions on their website BTW.

I have emailed their customer support as directed by chainloves email response since they only honor a warranty for 30 days, and will see what Castelli has to say.


4 5

I recieved these as a warranty replacement from Northwave for my Aerlite SBS shoes that were coming apart . First impression was they are very ventilated. The mesh uppers breathe very well. The sole isn't carbon or carbon reenforced, so the sole is nowhere near as stiff. Having ridden a carbon soled shoe for the last six years, I am noticing the difference in sole stiffness, particularly on longer rides. The arches of my feet seem to fatigue over 50k, which is something I have never noticed. For winter riding I don't think the mesh upper will be very warm, but a decent set of shoe covers should fix that.

Quality so far is A+
Sizing is the same as my Aerlites so it is 1 size larger than my old Aerators.