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Before upgrading to the Diamante, I put close to 5k miles on a pair of these riding on a mix of bad pavement, chip and seal, gravel and dirt. My better half is still rockin' the pair I mounted on her bike in 2008 and has never gotten a flat. The tires have a great feel, really quiet, and, based on our experience, totally bomb proof.

As strong a tire as you get


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I mounted a pair of these on my fixie that I use for commuting. They're a bit heavy, were a real pain to get on and the low TPI is very noticeable compared to the 220 TPI Diamante Pros I have on my road bike. I traded out the front wheels one day because I couldn't believe how dead these Zaffiros felt and wanted to make sure I wasn't imagining things. The rubber really has no give and so, rather than soaking up road noise, they transmit it. Still, for $10-15 it's a deal and I'll ride them out before replacing them.

Also, seriously folks, my better half and I each ride 2-4K miles/year on a mix of bad pavement, chip and seal, gravel and dirt with Vittoria road tires (Diamantes and Rubinos) and average about one flat every other year. If you're getting 6 flats in a row, you need to take the tire off the wheel, replace the rim tape, clean the whole thing with a damp rag and pay attention when remounting. Unless you're really unlucky, you shouldn't be getting that many flats with any tire.