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Here's what others have to say...

...fyi I was putting 192cm Lib Tech NAS Pow skis in mine with room to spare. Thats 75.59" when you divide 192cm by 2.54cm per inch. I laid mine flat both bases down with twin tips up. Only concern for you I would think are the fins on your board, but I am not a surfer so don't know if they are removable or even if you need to. Thinking you should be fine length wise.

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Hands down the INNO is da Winno.
A. its quieter by a bunch
B. the mounts on the high dollar Skybox get in the way of gear inside the box way more than the Inno.
C. Inno does not rob as much mileage and power
D. It looked better imo on my 2009 Outback.
E. The construction and quality of materials just smokes the Yak.
F. The locking mechanism on the Inno is brilliant. You can leave the key in the lock and it will not fall out while driving...seriously.

I took a hallway carpet floor runner and put it inside over the base of the box and mounts. My 190cm plus twins I could then put flat seperated side by side (2-3 pair) after skiing. No base to base rust...bueno. Wipe em down when you get home. Go hit it again.
If you are going on a trip and taking say 5 pair etc I just put the skis strapped base to base in individual bags if you are particular about your stuff and away you go.

I miss this box and am buying another for our 2013 Outback. They actually widened the mounting points on the 13' Suby for more box or cargo stability. Hey I know this is about the Inno not the Suby (but it may help)

O.K. guys/gals thats it...thats my story and I'm stickin to it... later... eat pasta ski fasta