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Thanks for a response Bill. The "cheater bar" you reference is precisely what I was referring to in my original question. ie: Yakima Tube Top. Its been 8 months since my original question. Since this time I did end up purchasing a KS dropper seat post and then this Yakima Swingdaddy. I'm worried that hanging the seat via the Yakima Tube Top ("cheater bar") would hurt the dropper post in some way so I decided not to use the Tube Top. Instead, I just place my Trek HiFi 29er onto the Swingdaddy so that the rear shock and the down tube sit on the rack. The rack's bands fit around them just fine. The bike does sit up a bit higher, but it works. The downside is that even when the Swingdaddy arm is extended my 2013 Subaru Outback's back hatch door does not have 100% clearance. Its close, but my 29er tire and handlebars do catch a bit. I'm not sure if this would still occur if I did use the Yakima Tube Top (so the bike sat lower) and/or if it had 26" wheels?

I have a 2013 Subaru Outback and a 2010 Trek/Gary Fisher HiFi Deluxe. I think that I'll have to use a a Yakima TubeTop bike frame adapter due to the non-standard top tube of my 29er mountain bike. With the big 29" wheels and the additional loss of height from the adapter bar my question is whether my tires will hang too low to the ground? Thoughts?

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I got a these shorts a while ago and liked them so much I got a second pair. They perform well on the trails, dry fast, and are stylish enough to wear out to a casual dinner. My only knock on them is minor, but I find that the Velcro waist size adjuster doesn't always stay put... and if you have it set to allow maximum space the Velcro can feel scratchy against your skin. I'd still buy a 3rd pair despite minor inconvenience though.


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I've been using these shorts for about 6 weeks now and am still loving them. The plaid color scheme I got is stylish to wear out to dinner and they perform well on the trails. They dry fast, stretch where they need to, and and provide just the right amount of room. They're not skater baggy/long or hipster/old guy skinny/short. They also have a cloth for cleaning sunglasses lenses in the front right leg pocket which I use more then I thought I would. Also, I wasn't sure if I'd like the snapping belt, but I actually prefer it on rides now vs other shorts that have Velcro adjustable waist size straps on the waist line.