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Seth Henry R.

Seth Henry R.

Seth Henry R.

Seth Henry R.wrote a review of on August 5, 2011

3 5

I got a pair of these earlier this year. The material is top notch, the construction is unmatched, but the fit is a bit of an issue. While they fit my waist size appropriately, they simply give zero room if you have any objects 'downstairs'. The result can be excruciating on a long ride. Just looking at the way they are built in the groin area, its hard to imagine they planned on any room for genitalia. When you first put them on you feel OK, not quite like a kick from your sister. But an hour later numbness sets in, in all sorts of places, and you finish the ride wondering if your little buddy will ever speak to you again. I haven't experienced permenant damage, but I fear it would have resulted if I wore them a few more times.