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Unanswered Question

Light Mounting & Duration:
Does this unit only mount to the helmet, or does it also mount to handlebars?
Also, please explain more about battery life lasting from 1 to 24 hrs. If I go on a 3 hour mountain bike night ride, can I keep it on 1200 lumens? Or, if not, what is the maximum brightness that I will get over that duration?

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I bought these 1.5 years ago because they were on sale. 2 weeks ago I noticed the seam had tore open (about 3/4" hole) where the chamois is sewn to the shorts fabric. These shorts are in equal rotation with four other pairs and I use them just for road riding, so I would estimate they have about 900 miles on them. These shorts are way too new, with too few miles to have ripped like this. Additionally, the chamois comfort is mediocre.
By comparison, my other shorts are Capo (3 pairs) and Assos Mille (1 pair). The Capo shorts I got from my club team, so not sure which model; however I've owned them since 2008 and they are still comfortable, tight, and intact. And its not like the fabric is so thin you can see my butt crack when the sun hits just right while riding in the pace line - which is the worst when you're riding behind that cheapskate guy who's still wearing his Greg LeMond shorts. No, those are scandal-less shorts. I 100% recommend the Capos and Assos over the Mavics any day.


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I've used this for 5 group night rides and would advise anyone riding for 1.5 hrs or more to get a light with a longer lasting battery. Contrary to what the description says in the first paragraph: "For instance, it's plenty adequate for an evening of ripping singletrack." Its NOT adequate for more than +/-1 hour of ripping singletrack in a group ride situation. Strava showed 1':55" of elapsed time and 1:31 of moving time. The light sputtered out before the ride was done. I think its typical for mountain bike rides to have breaks and regroups, so one would expect a 1.5 hr ride to have a longer total elapsed time. The problem is you really need the full power/ 750 lumens for the whole ride and this does not have the battery power to sustain that.