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5 5

My GORE Xenon windstopper bibs were too warm for 40 degrees or warmer so I bought these. These are great for temps in the high 30's to the low 50's. The fabric is thick enough to block most of the wind, but not so thick that sweat builds up, which was my problem with windstopper bibs. I'm 5'11" with 32" inseam, & 31 waist and the mediums fit well; snug but not too tight. I wear a medium in other brands so they fit "normal". The pad is comfortable for at least 3 hour rides but I haven't ridden longer yet.

Im marking these as 5 stars, but 4.5 stars is more accurate because of 2 minor complaints. The ankle zippers do not stay locked shut. Perhaps stirrups is the only cure for that, but I find that stirrups are cumbersome to put on. Also, I wish these had a zipper on the front like my Gore bibs do. It makes the mid-ride leak a little easier.


3 5

These will keep you dry from the outside, but it traps sweat. They are good at keeping moisture out, but will also keep the moisture in. When below 40 degrees, my feet will not stay warm past the 1.5 hour mark - that's about the time it takes to build up enough sweat that it starts cooling down my feet. They are easy to put on and they work well with road or mtb shoes.


4 5

This is my 4th piece in the Xenon line. I also have the bibs, jersey and SO jacket/jersey. Fit it designed for slim bodies. I wear a medium. I'm 5'11, w/ 40" chest. The jacket is comfortable between 45-55 degree range even at base training pace. I've worn a short sleeve jersey or a long sleeve base layer only. I would give it 5 stars except for only having one rear zippered pocket. It is big enough for cell phone and keys but not a lot extra. Sometimes I ride with two pairs of gloves - heavier pair to warm up and then switch to lighter pair. I would not be able to stash the second pair of gloves in the one pocket - it's not a problem if wearing a jersey underneath but there are no pockets on my base layer. This piece is a good bridge for when it is not cold enough for the Xenon SO Jacket but a little more is needed than just a vest.


5 5

I bought two of these - one black and one in white. The black is made with coldblack technology and is supposed to be cooler to touch than standard black fabrics. I tested this out on two rides that were on days upwards of 95 degrees. The coldblack really works. I did an unscientific test, though, placing a meat thermometer underneath the fabrics after laying them out in the sun and the white was a few degrees cooler. But, you will look way awesomer in the black kit and intimidate your rivals because you are brave enough to wear black.

The mesh on the back is outstanding. As soon as you develop a little bit of sweat and have the least bit of airflow, the ventilation is very noticeable. The jersey makes it feel like you're riding in weather 10 degrees cooler.

The rear pockets are deeper than most jerseys and your items will sit lower on your back than other jerseys. It felt a little weird at first.

The fit is definitely made for a slim build. I am 5'11", 147 lbs, 38"chest, 31" waist, no excess belly. The medium fit perfectly. Usually, my jerseys either have 4 inches of extra material in the chest area, or the jersey is too short. The front is nicely scalloped so it does not bunch up when you are in position on the bike. However, when standing upright, it will look like it's too short in the front.

The texture of the fabric is outstanding and it is comfortable enough to wear as a shirt. This is usually not the case with me for most synthetic materials. After a race, I don't change out of the jersey because it breathes and wicks so well that it aids in cool-down by keeping it on.

If you ride more than once a week, you'll definitely want to get more than one kit because you will not want to wear anything else.

Best jersey I've ever worn


5 5

These are so nice I bought another pair. I did not find the bib straps scratchy at all like another reviewer did. The chamois is excellent - much more padding than the Garneau's that my team uses, which is better than the Squadra's we used to use. The wide leg band is very comfortable and it is one piece of material which is a better design than the Garneau's (which uses two pieces folded over which loses its integrity over time and washes). The mesh in the bib straps makes this very cool to ride in (very hot and humid where I live) and I could notice the difference from the Garneau's immediately.

I'd buy more if I didn't have to wear team clothing some of the time.