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The SRS soles are designed to have a softer more aggressive compound which allows you better traction in all conditions and is (i hate to say this, but) designed to wear out like racing tires on cars, but not as fast, to provide you with the best performance possible in all conditions. This is a high performance shoe and this is one of the many great features of the shoes. The other side to the benefit, is that instead of having to replace your entire pair of shoes to get the fantastic performance, you only had to replace the soles.
as to your question of what is the difference in the soles:
The Dragon SRS soles have a slightly different design to work with the carbon soles that are lighter and stiffer than the soles on the pre carbon Dragon soles shoes and the new Spider shoes. if you are running the Spiders or the pre carbon sole Dragons, you hav ethe option of using the grey/yellow lugs or the black/red/yellow lugs (slightly harder compound - lasts a bit longer, less sticky on slickrock). If you have the carbon sole Dragons - i love these shoes, you need to use the SRS Dragon Carbon grey/red soles.

Spiders, Carbon dragons, or no carbon Dragon soles, you have made a great choice and have the best pair of MTB shoes on the face of th earth!! Ride em hard, pass our friends when you race and replace the soles every couple years, but finish first...

Besides price and the name of Pro, you get some other great features with the Pro Model that you do not get with the Regular Sky Box. Though both are great products, the Pro includes a Pad on the inside to keep things quiet and riding smoothly in side the box and also a Cargo Net to keep everything in place. You move, but your gear stays in one place. The other difference is that you get an automotive grade "Paintable ABS" material that you could paint to match your car, but it comes in two great silver or Platinum colors that you may never want to paint it to match your car. The smooth finish also makes it easy to clean off the bugs you destroyed while out enjoying life instead of watching everyone else have the live you only dreamed of having.

5 5

I have been riding these for the past month and they are my new favorite Bibs. The Compression panel keeps your legs feeling great and the minimalist Chamois feels great without all the excess chafing like others I have ridden. Try em, You will love em


the best way that I have found to lock your bike to your vehicle using a trunk rack is to purchase a seperate cable lock and use the tow loops that are typically on the bottom of your vehicles bumper. run the cable through the loops on the vehicle and then through the frame and wheels if possible. Typically the persin is trying to steal the bike. If you just want to leave the rack on the vehicle, there is no good solution, but the rack folds down in seconds and can be put into the back seat or in the trunk.
Yakima does offer a new rack called a Quickback that does come with a security cable that i attached to the rack and when you put the other end of it into the trunk or hatchback, secures the rack to the vehicle. This is a brand new rack and is also the most simple rack to put on and take off a vehicle. This may be something for you to look into.