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4 5

This was a good score. I went with an XL to give room underneath for layering and to make sure the sleeves are long enough for me - 6'1" and 180 lbs with long arms.

This piece is great with just a jersey or base layer in the 45+ degree range. It has worked well with a wool jersey underneath for temps between 35 - 45. And under a thicker jacket for those really cold days.

The only minor gripes are that the pockets sag a bit, so heavy items can feel like they are swaying when you ride aggressively. Also could use a bit more color and reflective on the back to help getting the driver's attention.


5 5

I'm a huge fan.

These shoes are a great fit, true to size.
They are more durable than other similar shoes I've tried
They are not overly ventilated, so they don't freeze in the cold, nor let tons of water in in wet conditions.
Plenty stiff, but still walkable/runable and great for cx
Tread is durable and long lasting, but not slippery like Sidi


2 5

I bought this to carry with me when I travel as a possible extra carry on, or to carry a smaller bag around once I reach my destination. While it could fulfill that intended use, it's a flimsy bag that was actually cumbersome to get things into and out of. For $25, I'd rather use a cycling musette bag I got for free.