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3 5

Great fabric let down but a very basic pattern which results in them not feeling perfectly flat against the back of the knee - compare the pattern of this knee warmer (basically a tube) with something like the Assos kneewarmer and you'll see why these are let down in that department. The fabric is great though, water just beads off and they keep you warm even when it gets through (stops wind chill). Wish they charged the extra and used a more advanced pattern system (which would result in more fabric wastage and a higher cost) but more comfort. The fabric has so much potential!


4 5

Really great fabric, watching the water bead off is incredible and they breath well even when it's 'just' cold without the rain. I'm 6 foot 7 and they are still really long - not sure who would have arms longer than mine! I will say one thing thougfh, the material is superb but Castelli seem to be a bit lazy with their patterns - they should charge the extra $10 and really get some shape into these things, it's not too bad on the arm warmers but the knee warmers are really let down by treating them as 'tubes' as opposed to the way Assos make everything articulated.


4 5

I've never got great use out of my Oakley glasses - they always end up sweat stained through the ride when things get down and dirty. A cap (I like the Rapha ones) seemed to hold back the sweat a bit.

Used it last weekend including a 17km mountain ascent - I still wasn't dripping by the top!

After 5 hours it was still wicking, very impressive.


5 5

Perfect for varied weather conditions, cold winds, showers etc. Replaces the gilet but comes with better wet weather protection than most vests. Have found it works in a wide range of tempretures as well, I can wear it in the dark morning training session with wind and showers and then ride home from work in the sun and still not suffer.

Unlike other reviewers I found the zip to be fantastic, nice large teeth - good friction and an inch of travel really brings in a lot of fresh air.

Have climbed up mountains with the jersey undone and then zipped up for the descent - excellent.

Best piece of apparel I've purchased in years - if you purchase this make sure you get the nano-flex arm warmers too, they really do work well together. (the shorts and knee warmers aren't as good as the jersey and armwarmers, not everything Castelli do is brilliant)