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Then this armor is for you. I ordered the XL and had to return it because the "interface" where the arms zip to the shoulders was too tight for my arms. I ordered the XXL thinking that obviously the arm opening/zipper area would be bigger. Guess what? Nope. I had to return the XXL as well. This must be a design flaw of the armor. It makes absolutly no sense at all. I'm actually really bummed out to write this review because the quality and breathabily of this armor seemed great. If you've got slightly larger than normal arms, this armor is NOT for you. If you've got normal to skinny arms, you should be okay.


5 5

I've ran many tires over the years on my DH rigs. Something goes on sale and I try a different brand, you know how it goes. Well, NOTHING beats this tire as far as I'm concerned. Great traction, great rolling, super sidewall. Simply the BEST!


4 5

I ran this tire on the rear of my DH bike for 1.5 seasons. I thought it was a pretty good tire. Not as good as a Minion DHF, but decent. I was running about 28lbs and only had one pinch flat in that time. The tread was grippy on the rocks, and handled turns pretty well.