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Bought this bike December 2013, in anticipation of getting back into mountain biking after years on the road. Call it a birthday present to me.

I considered the various shapes and sizes. I've owned numerous mountain bikes over the years. From several years prior, I had memories of feeling like my Turner 29er felt like a cruise liner trying to navigate switchbacks, but i also remembered how it handled obstacles on the straightaway. I'm 6'4", so I knew it had to be 29" or 27.5".

I read about the Bronson on a couple review sites. It sounded intriguing. I bought one, and I have not been disappointed. First of all, the bike looks killer. I opted for the black and orange Halloween surprise. It gets plenty of attention (although not as much as the tennis ball special, no doubt). More importantly, the bike flies. The suspension is tight on the climbs and the descents. I don't bother making any adjustments. All in, I love it; this bike has made a mountain biker out of me once again. I'm leaning towards taking this bad boy to Leadville this year. I think it will do just fine.


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Ok, I've bought a ton of stuff from Competitive, and I have bought at least 6 Garmin devices. This is the worst one ever. In fairness, maybe they will update the software at some point. Now, you can assume your 810 will freeze every 40 minutes of riding, and you can assume that whenever you try Livetrack, it will fail. The bummer is you plan on tracking your ride, and you fail miserably, but you can't predict when it will happen. In truth, you look down at the device and realize it's frozen, but you only realize that after you've blown your opportunity to track your entire ride. Major bummer. The software must be upgraded. Until then, avoid this product. I have the prior generation (without Bluetooth), and it works great. Buy that. Do not support innovation without improvement!!!