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5 5

Received these gloves expecting something good from Castelli. Turns out they were GREAT...!!!

FIt was a bit tight when putting them on (guess I have a rather large maw but my long fingers were wonderfully enveloped....*across the wristband - NO GIVE...!!!

Once on they OUT PERFORMED expectations. Good down to mid-20s with not additional liner...and FANTASTIC wind blockage. VERY MUCH like the PULL-TAB INTEGRATED INTO THE RE-ENFORCED PALM...VERY few worries about about ripping seams while pulling then on...!!!

I've used a wool glove INSIDE them to make them roasty-toasty and can see them warming me down to 0 F. The gloves form fit very nicely over the wool gloves [DeFeet wool gloves with accented palms and fingers...!!! -- Castelli makes a similar product - Unico Glove].

Clean up nicely and dry within an hour (if wrong out..!!!) +++ on water repellant - haven't actually immersed them into a tank, but imagine they would do rather well resisting seepage -- NOT WATER RESISTANT, but close

4.5 STAR rating


5 5

Another winner from MAVIC SSC...!!! Stiff as an i-beam,,,incredibly ventilated and yes, STUPID LIGHT in weight...just incredulous...I believe the shoes are actually lighter than the Speedplay cleets attached to them...they hardly "feel" at all, by that I mean to say that the shoes are so well adapted to the contours of the foot as to make them "feel" like they are not even your feet are attached directly to the pedals as if by magic. Very simple, light, secure, dependable, easily adjusted.

Now the downside....probably NOT the best shoe for any kind of cool or cold weather. Minimal trade-off there...!!!

Very happy so far with shoe...

Mavic SSC Huez Shoes --- BLISS