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Polymathic VII

Polymathic VII

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Polymathic VII

Polymathic VIIwrote a review of on November 9, 2011

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These are great riding shoes so far. They are more comfortable with better arch support than my 5.10s. The sole is just the right stiffness. They handle wet weather very well, and keep my feet dry. They are grippy enough--very good grip but not as grippy as 5.10s. The styling isn't my cup of tea, so they look better to me dirty. I wish there was a velcro lace strap or something, as it's a bit annoying to weave the loops out of the way. The laces are good quality, but they sure attract twigs and other trail debris. Lastly, they are 200g lighter than 5.10 Impacts! I know people who will spend over $100 to swap to Ti axles to shave less weight.