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I researched stands before I bought this one. I didn't want to spend too much, nor did I want to buy something I'd be frustrated with or have to replace down the road. I've had the Feedback Ultralight now for a year and it is simply outstanding. I paid $150 for mine.

As the name indicates, it is light. I can move it around with little effort - but once it goes to work, it is rock solid. You have the choice of holding your bike by the seatpost or top tube - I prefer the latter - and the clamping mechanism is smooth and 100% steady. There is never any balance issue, nor does my bike ever seen in danger of being damaged.

It folds up easily and small enough I can lay it on the floor in the back of my small Hyundai. All the clamps and locks feel silky smooth and are super solid when locked in.

But the best thing about this product is the price. As I said, I researched - I looked at five other stands, priced from $89 to over $300. The Feedback Ultralight felt and worked as good or better than the much pricier stands. At first, I was cautious - I thought I had to be missing something. But nope, it's just a great product at a great price.

The best moment came when a professional cycling coach with over 25yrs in the sport saw my stand and commented, "Wow, that is a really nice stand." He then proceeded to throw his bike up on it just to use it. After thoroughly servicing his bike he said, "This stand's better than mine and so much lighter." I won't tell you what he owned, but he paid $250 for it.


5 5

When I first bought this cap, I was replacing a neoprene cap that I loved. It was thick, but so warm that I was worried I'd find anything as good. I love Castelli so I took a chance and ordered this. It flat blew me away.

The thing is so thin you think there is no way this can keep your head warm below 60 degrees. So, the first ride I did with it was low 60's with little wind. I had to remove it after 12 miles because I was too warm! This thing is brilliant.

It has become part of my go-to winter gear. I've ridden in low 30's and wind with this being the only thing under my helmet and it has kept me warm. It is extremely comfortable due to being so thin, and the material is super soft with an almost luxurious feel. When it warms up, I just pop the thing up over my ears and keep going.

I have yet to be anything but impressed by Castelli. Everything I own of theirs is outstanding. I highly recommend this skully cap. Again, from temps down to 30 all the way to high 50's.


5 5

Was given this jacket as a xmas gift. Have ridden with it at least 10 times and in temps down to 30F, in light (freezing) rain, and wind. It keeps my upper body warmer than any other piece I own. And the Castelli quality is outstanding as usual.

My jacket is an XL. I was 218lbs (5'10") when I first used it and it was SNUG, but I managed. I am now down to 180lbs and it is bordering on too loose. But if I end up having to buy a new jacket I will absolutely get another Zoncolan. Best ever.