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pearandgreenwrote a review of on January 23, 2013

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I have another pair of Sugoi tights, the Women's MidZero Zap Tights in XS. For reference, I am 5'1 and 104 lbs. The midzero's fit me perfectly. These are a bit loose in certain areas, like the crotch and a bit in the inner thigh, and also in the butt. They fit like tights through the lower thighs, knees and down. I haven't worn them running yet because I can't decide if I can get over how they look on me. They are much warmer than the Midzero's, but Sugoi also makes another pair of tights from the same material as these, called the Women's SubZero Zap Tights. I'm gonna try those and see how those fit.