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Pavel G.

Pavel G.

Pavel G.

Pavel G.wrote a review of on December 26, 2012

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I purchased this saddle from chainlove 50% off so i said why not try it out. Its super light and very comfortable. I took my bike for a ride with some friends without any cycling gear, just regular sweat pants, no cham, and i must say i was surprised that i was still comfortable after 2 hours of riding. My previous saddle wouldnt let me ride it without a cham for more than 20 minutes! I was using the cutter carbon saddle (which is garbage I know) but also used the prolgo saddle that came with my supersix 105. Well worth every penny, the leather is nice soft high quality leather and there is just the right amount of the memory foam to give you comfort and still save weight. Do not get confused by the TT it DOES NOT STAND FOR TIME TRIAL! it just means it has titanium rails.