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4 5

This jacket is one of the ten or so things that I always have with me on commutes, it's SUPER lightweight and packable, I keep mine rolled up like a fatty Cheech and Chong spliff tucked into the edge of my bag. It holds heat like cast iron and fights off water dustings and mist like a champ. I wish it had pit-zips for venting, and it does get a little flappy in the wind or when your screaming through a straight due to (not much) excess material and the nature of the fabric I suppose. It's very thin, I sport the white with the sexy red trim and it's translucent.

I'm 6'4" 180 lbs and the Large fits me perfectly, the sleeves are an adequate length as is the body, I like my cycling garments a tad bit longer in the body and this little guy nails it.


5 5

I dig this jersey, the material breathes and maintains heat perfectly for me on cooler, breezy rides. I'm 6'4" 180 lbs with a skinny frame and the XL is golden. I'd like it to be a tad bit longer on the body so I can wear it easier with my street knickers but it does fine coming just below the belt line. If I'm sporting bibs or shorts it's perfect!

Awesome value and I would definitely recommend it!


4 5

I've worn these a couple times now, and I think they're legit for the price. The material is sexy and I can feel my skin breathing as it stays moderately toasty on chilly rides. The only pitfall thus far is that one warmer seems a little bigger on the upper arm opening so it slides down after a bit despite the gooey grippers that are designed to prevent it. I altered the opening a little with some needle and thread and it's fine now...

I'm 6'4" with long-ass skinny arms and the Large is gravy.