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I too had been eye-balling this jacket on Bonktown for weeks... I was especially intrigued by the idea of having a cycling jacket to wear on and off the bike. I'm rather tall and a size 4 so cycling jackets are usually the only kind that are long enough in the arms. I was so excited when it finally arrived, I tried it on immediately only to realize how awkward this jacket fits and feels while wearing. The arms aren't quite long enough, it's too short in the front, and is uncomfortable. It would in no way work off the bike and I wasn't willing to even try it while on the bike. I'll stick to cycling jackets & brands I know from now on!


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The atmos looks great and keeps your head incredibly cool throughout the ride! At first it really dug into my forehead during rides and I found myself loosening it after 1-2 hours. However, I took some pieces of replacement/spare lining from another helmet and affixed it just across the inside front edge and haven't had pain/problems since. Would definitely buy again.