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nanp281919wrote a review of on January 27, 2013

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I bought this set for my husband as a Christmas gift. He began MB about 1 year ago-prior to that he was riding around the neighborhood on a bike he had for many years. This was part of his new "get healthy" outlook, which just happen to coincide with his 40th b.d. He also bought a Corvette at that time, & he'd spend hours cleaning & making sure it was nice & shiny. The brush kit is perfect for him, esp. after he purchased a new bike, a beautiful Specialized that he babies just like the car. Looking at it in our garage, you'd think it never touched dirt, but, he's riding the trails whenever he gets the chance- wearing shorts with RPL, helmet, the whole 9 yards- & once he's done riding, out come the brushes, chain lube, etc.,& his bike looks brand new again. Nothing like a happy husband.