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great value
5 5

this trunk bag is a good size and a good price. it was easy to install and so far it is staying put. i commute on a train so it gets crushed, jammed and banged around every day and is holding strong. the zippers work smooth and the main compartment divider can be moved around. there is some reflective material, but no real place to fix a tail light, but obviously if you have a trunk bag you have a rack, so just attach your flasher to that. there is also an additional zipper you can open to allow more vertical pack space through some accordion fabric. overall i like the bag a lot. blackburn gear is quality stuff for a good price point.


best roof rack for a mtn bike
5 5

wheels on, the only contact points are on your tires, easy to install, and easy to use. its a great rack. some people are moaning about not being able to reach it easily because they are fitting it on a giant SUV. but if you need a step stool to get into your hummer or suburban, just put it in the back, or use a hitch mount rack. bottom line is, this rack does exactly what it is supposed to. there is no messing around when i get to the trail head. my bike is off/on the rack in about ten seconds. i fitted my sidearm to a basket, the wheel tray was a little to short, so mine has a nice g-lean to it.


Precision Instrument
5 5

This does the same job as other derailleur hanger gauges, but it looks and feels so much better doing it. im not sure of the artists name who makes these tools for abbey, but i would venture a guess it may be Vulcan himself. The handle is telescopic and extends to double its length, the feeler is stored in the handle. to set the feeler, insert through an eyelet at the end of a screw off cap. tighten the cap to fix the feeler at the correct length, from there you can move the handle independently through its telescopic motion and twist the handle to get the perfect spacing when doing your measurements at different positions around the wheel. this tool has a higher price than most, but as with everything in the bike industry, you get what you pay for. this is an absolutely beautiful tool with the perfect balance of function and form. it has great balance and is nice and heavy. even if you have the park version, this is worth buying. you will be the envy of all your other mechanic friends. and this is a tool that you will have for a lifetime. if you are thinking of getting this, go ahead and do it. you wont regret it and you will be supporting a small craft industry. and while youre at it, pick up the Crombie tool. you cant go wrong with Abbey Bike Tools. I cant sing their praises enough.


Nice Rack, Seriously.
5 5

its a little on the pricey side of things, but with all PDW gear, you get what you pay for. this is a super sturdy front rack, installation was a little onerous due to the anti-roll bracket- it can be in a few different orientations to adjust the angle of the basket in relation to your stem, but you only have to install it once so no big deal. the roll-top waterproof bag is very well made, but i usually just rock the naked rack unless its poor weather. the U-lock holder is perfect size for 99% of U-locks and there is a 4mm fine thread eyelet to fix a headlamp on the non-drive side of the basket, which is real nice as the mounting hardware pretty much takes up all your bar clamp area. it has a perfect balance of form and function. looks real good holding some delicious curry or a sixer of the oat soda.


4 5

They are pretty nice to have. i dont use them every time i ride, but when i do, they are very nice. basically they keep your legs from going lactic.