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I've had carpol tunnel of the wrist so standard grips just don't work for me. Odi's and the like, while they look great, kill my wrists and forearms after a long and arduous climb/descent. I wish I could use them but I can't. I used to use Specialized BG grips on all my bikes but after awhile the wide part of the grip that supports your weight leaning forward started to become too flexy and there was no gritty tactile feel for the extra "hold on for dear life" death-grip on the gnarly DH sessions. I have both the Ergon GR2 on my On One 456 Summer Season and GP1 (on my Trek Fuel Ex) grips - - my most recent Huck N Roll purchase, btw, and they NOTICEABLY add so much comfort to my ride. Well constructed and quality material. Ergon has grips with or without the bar ends. Both are equally comfy. The bar ends just give you more options as far as hand position when climbing.

Ergon uber comfy


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I had the choice to purchase this item off Huck N Roll or CBO. They were about the same price but I've had a good experience with HNR product and shipment so I went with them. Granted the skewers are a tad expensive, they're good quality, blingy, and they matched the red highlights on my bike. My second choice were the "Loaded" brand skewers for the price but they didn't have them in red. Would have given a 5 star rating but the item was a little pricey. Overally, very happy with the item and HNR.