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5 5

This jersey is beautiful on, the fabric is great at keeping you cool. The back is like a pocket extravaganza! Pockets, pockets and more pockets! The fit is larger than other jerseys I own, I should have gotten a size smaller than I did, as the back sags when I put anything in my pockets. This is a great jersey to own, and well worth the price if you need something light and cool.


4 5

These shorts are very comfortable, but the chamois is very thick. After a while in the saddle, too much padding can be a tad uncomfortable to me. The length is longer than the Giordana FRC and Pearl Izumi Elite, which I don't mind, the compression is nice. No sausage leg, and the waist is a nice height, no spillage over the top. They look great, and the fabric is fantastic, like second skin.


4 5

These shorts are extremely comfortable, and I have to say that I love the fact that the chamois isn't too thick. Some of the shorts I have are too padded and that actually causes more pain and numbness, in my opinion. The fabric is incredible, they're not too long. They're very fitted, so I sized up and it was perfect. I love that there's no sausage leg and the rise is high enough that there's no spillage over the top. My only complaint is that there's a few tags sewn into the lower back. Funny how something so small can be so annoying! I really do not understand why Giordana would sew tags into their shorts. Other than that, they look great and feel great.


Love this jersey!
5 5

This jersey feels awesome, the fabric is great, even in the Mississippi heat! The photo is a tad deceiving, you can't really see the "texture". It's definitely a "mesh". It's cool and very comfortable, very fitted and lightweight. The description says it has a gel gripper to hold the waist hem to your shorts, I have this jersey in two different colors, neither of which have ANY sort of gripper, which I really would like. Overall, it's an excellent jersey to own and if you have a Bianchi like I do, the colors in this jersey match perfectly with Bianchi Celeste!