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4 5

Keys are kinda weak, broke one pop'n out the plactic insert where the lock goes on the front fork device. However, replacements are $1, and since you only get 2, I just bought some extras just in case.

Really like that the same key works for all the locks in the pack...I have 2 TieRods, bought a 4-pack of locks, same key opens all 4 locks, means I only have to worry about one key for everything...

Also, going the Rocky Mount path is way less $$$ than Thule...


5 5

Just got my second mount for my truck. I have them bolted to a couple of 2x4s in the bed of my pick up that fit into grooves in my liner. I would recommend this to pl w/ this capability.

I think the important thing to note about this mount is that it stands up to weather like a champ! I bought one about 5 years ago, left it out in my truck all 5 years, through all sorts of weather, standing water, rust, no corrosion, works the same now as it did when I first got it. I had bought a SETTE mount of similar design at the same time...didnt last a month and is now replaced with another one of these...

HIGHLY recommend this will never let you down. Worth every penny...


5 5

Just got my second TieRod for my roadie...was happy w/ the 1st on I got for my mtn bike, thought I would see how I liked it before buying another. Easy to install, locks went in w/o any trouble, rear strap works for mtn and roadie wheels, I have a '11 Outback and they fit on there perfect...I would suggest this model for bars that aren't square, my Outback is kinda oval shaped, fits great. I think the only thing I don't like is the rear mount, I replaced those plastic wing nut things with some longer nuts I picked up @ Lowes...think they look better, plus it makes it so you need a wrench to get it off...

So, to sum things up...I would recommend this to anyone looking for a rack for non-square bars, easy install, works for all bikes (don't need the roadie attachment in the rear like Thule does), cool colors, cheaper than Thule racks...what else do ya need!