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I pulled the dura ace 12-25 in favor of the 11-28 6700. Why? Because of price. Works just as well as the 7900 at 1/2 the cost. Sure it adds a couple of grams but to be honest I can't tell the diffrence. I wanted a 11 for the down hill and 28 for the climbs. I have loved having the extra high and extra low gears here in Utah. We have some good hills and I have a few extra pounds I haul around. All the rest of the parts are 7900.


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They keep the sun off your arms and keeps them cool. They pack up super small. These are very thin. They work better than I expected. You can feel them cooling your arms as soon as you put them on. I got my wife a pair of Perlizumi and I like these better they are much thinner. I would wear them mountain biking too but I don't want them to get dirty.


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It looks nice. A little thicker and heaver than most carbon fiber cages. But for the price I am happy and I like that I can pull the bottle out from the side. I use it on the seat tube and have not lost a bottle yet. Maybe only done a couple hundrad miles with it.