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i guess i will say the good first these tires are light . they hold the pressure stated with out blow out. i keep mine at 85 to 90 psi which i check every two days. I had put these though 675 miles since i got them for on road use only. i got these for winter tires hopping they would work. these tire do roll good when you going straigt but when you turn you can feel them slow you down a little. i have not had a single flat or blow out and i do not use any type of flat gaurd in my rims or tires. Now the bad after these mile on the road with keeping the psi up the center of the tire is already worn out and bald on front and rear with riding on the road on all 675 miles or so. i guess these tires are only meant for the sand or mud like stated in the discreption. keep in mind i only ride the road and that is what my review is based off. now if they are used for the mud or sand these might have lasted longer? i just know i will not be buying these again at the price i paid for them.i got these for winter tires for when it snowed but they are too worn out already getting the marthon with the spike for that now