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5 5

In the description is says people consistently run these tubes at 2.35. I've got them in my 2.4 Conti Mountain King Tires and have been running them over rooted and rocky trails without an issue.


Super secure
4 5

This rack is pretty freakin sweet. It attached to my Subaru Aero bars very easily, enough so that I don't just leave the rack ontop of the car all the time. I'm also a big fan of how easy it is to change the wheel size so I can toss any of my bikes up there in no time and still be really confident its not going anywhere.

Reminder: you'll want two lock cores, one to secure the rack to the car, and one for the cable lock that is already on the rack.

With security comes a price. It takes a minute to secure the bike to the rack using the large red knob. It is a minor issue, but if you're short (5'6") and putting it ontop of a larger vehicle eventually it gets tiring. But again I think the security is worth it, just get some tall friends.

Also, here is the rack pictured ontop of my '14 Subaru XV Crosstrek. There are a couple inches on clearance when the rear door is up. Nice not to have to make any modifications.


5 5

I've been running trails seriously for a few years and have just signed up for a 100k in the German Alps. Having run with the 3 pairs of the non-Goretex version of this shoe in 2 years, I decided to grab these for winter training in soggy ole Germany. These fit almost exactly like the non-gore version though they don't wrap and snug around the foot. There are slight modifications to the pull tabs which can get folded onto your achilles if you aren't careful putting them on. Otherwise, the large lugs give great grip in the mud, but the rubber on these sticks well when navigating rocky terrain. The shank is stiff enough to dampen the sharp limestone edges we run over, but still leaves flex in the foot which gives good trail feel. I have put a couple hundred miles on these, and I have been worried from the start about the durability of the zipper, but it has yet to fail.

All in all this is the best trail runner I have used when compared with some Montrail (Hardrock, Masochist) and New Balance (MT 100 (but I dont run minimalist anymore).

These definately seem geared towards a narrower foot.


3 5

So this is the second post I've done on these, because I just got my second pair. And I love them. But as any addict will tell you, I thought the second time was going to be different. It took less than 24 hours for the hinges to get loose again. But I'll keep wearing them because they look great and fit better than any other sunglass I've owned.

Someone please prepare for the intervention.


5 5

I have had two pairs of these and have been very impressed by both of them. They give the perfect amount of cushion for longer runs, but I never notice that I am wearing them. I could use a bit more room in the toe box, but for speed work I think that snugness keeps my feet from sliding. I also made the mistake of using the first pair in circuit workouts because I liked how quick I felt between 200-800 meters. During one workout I destroyed the Revlite foam doing rope climbs. My fault, but its sad to lose your favorite shoes to a mistake like that.


4 5

These shorts are the best riding shorts I've ever had. They are both stretchy and yet very durable still looking nearly brand new after a hard summer of riding. The only problem I have is that I generally fall between a 28 and 30 inch waist depending on the company. These are only offered in 30 and have some extra space in the waist, but also have the velcro tabs which let me get them fairly snug. I would prefer a 28 though.