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I have one ride on this jacket but since it is a brand new item I thought someone might appreciate a review. I ride well over 2,000 miles during the colder months here in Northern Virginia.

This jacket takes the normal thinking on winter gear and expands and develops it. The parts that face the wind stop wind. The parts that don't face the wind breathe just the right amount so you can vent excess heat. But sometimes that's not enough. So the windstopping layer does as advertised, and you can unzip it to vent out even more heat and still have the inner layer zipped up to keep you just warm enough.

That's what I want in a jacket like this. It needs to keep me warm on the ride in which can easily be below freezing. It needs to not be too hot on the ride home which can be between 50 & 60 F. That I can't say yet but it does absolutely brilliantly at being just right in the 30s and 40s.


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If you can snag these on sale, they're a worthwhile addition especially if you have a more "American" build. I have narrow hips but a wide waist. They also seem kind of large in the thigh. I bought a large because I have a 36 waist (large is 36), but I have 39 hips and these measure around 42 there. So they fit me kind of like a sack of potatoes. Not compressive. But the chamois is quite nice and the fabric is ok and they feel good on the bike. I think the mediums would be too small. I will avoid this brand in the future due to the fit, but these are fine for someone who rides every day and doesn't want to do laundry twice a week (me). On sale I'm happy. At full price, this would be a return, but you might think differently if the fit was good for you.


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I put about 4,000 miles on one of these wheelsets over the course of a year. I used both regular and tubeless tires. They are nice wheels and spin up well, and are fairly stiff. I'm 200 pounds or so and they held up really well. What they are not though, is an aero wheelset. I did one race with them and they are a real drag, literally, compared to an actual set of aero hoops. I have a set of 32 spoke wheels and I can barely tell the difference aerodynamics-wise. I upgraded to Mavic Cosmics and it is night and day compared to these wheels. This is a super nice set of wheels, just don't expect them to be really swift. BTW the ride quality with tubeless is exceptional.


4 5

I have received this and tried it on. I haven't ridden in it yet because it hasn't been cold. My most important comment is last, regarding the sizing.

It is really snuggly warm. I put it on after a ride home and it was very pleasant to try on and wear around the house for a bit.

The quality of the garment is very good, and lives up to the expectations from the high price tag. The only thing to comment on there is that the white part of the jersey is very slightly transparent, you can see the bib shoulder strap underneath. I find this disappointing as I won't always be wearing a jacket over it or a layer underneath it. However, not a deal breaker and it isn't sheer by any means.

This is cut for an athletic fit. I'm currently 20 pounds over my Cat 2 race weight and when I put on this jersey I look like I have a gut and that I'm a bit pudgy, which of course is true. Also, I took an XL while I am usually an L. Check the sizing carefully, probably this runs half a size small over what most people are used to. The jersey is long enough in the back and the arms are thankfully long enough, that is often a big problem for me.

Giving it four stars because it is so expensive and it has the problem with the white, and because it only comes in this one style, I would have preferred some options with a different pattern and/or some color. However, a very high quality piece that if can afford, you will very likely enjoy.