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I love this bike. With that said, you have to do your research first and know what you're getting before you buy it, otherwise you might be a bit less than thrilled. As others have said, the frame runs large. A medium in this is more like a large in most other manufacturers. The stock stem is long, too long in my opinion, for the frame size (110mm on a medium frame). Combine it with the setback seatpost and you're very stretched out. I'm 6 feet tall, 32 inch inseam, arms per fitted shirts are 34. I bought a medium and replaced the stock stem with an 80mm, 6 degree one. I run the saddle just a bit forward of dead center on the stock seatpost and it's a very comfortable fit.

It's stiff. Definitely not a gran fondo type bike, but much more comfortable than a pure race bike. I have a few rides on the bike so far, the longest at 40 miles. I didn't feel beat up at all at the end but if you ride lots of road miles on less than ideal pavement, lower the tire pressure a bit. The bike handles very well coming down (even with the 80mm stem) and is a competent and efficient climber IMHO.

My bike came about 90% right. The wheels and tires were different than what was originally listed on the website which was disappointing as it was a factor in my decision to buy it. CC made it right though. (I see the specs have now been corrected). I had to adjust the headset (wasn't snug enough) and like other reviewers, the front derailleur was not adjusted correctly. Did it bother me? Not really, but I know how to work on bikes. Just a few minutes for adjustments and that was it. Should it have come adjusted properly, yes. If you want to be able to have the shop you bought a bike from make those adjustments, spend a bit more money and buy from your LBS. You can also take it to your LBS and pay for the adjustments or...learn how to make them since you'll most likely have to anyway after cables stretch. Sweet ride and glad I bought it. Test ride before if you can.


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So I ordered some of these in XL and XXL - my chest is 41.5". The XL was snugger which I initially liked although the XXL also fit well. They feel great wearing under a dress shirt (I know, hold on a sec there). Then the weekend came and I wore them under a jersey while riding - not comfortable at all. They are too tight on the shoulders and neck, giving a similar sensation to bib straps that are too short. Also, the arm holes are too small - they tug at the pits when in a riding position. They wick well and dry quick when air can hit them - on the lower back under bibs though - it stayed nice and wet.

All in all, I'll stick with the LG carbon ones - much, much nicer and better overall fit (although they snag easier).


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The sizing - just awful. Ordered an XL, way too tight up top for a 42" chest. Fit well below and was a good length. Exchanged it for a XXL, fit great up top was big, no...huge, no...ENORMOUS on the bottom in length and width. Maybe if my waist was 37" and had a really long torso, but I'm normal, 6' tall, 33 inch waist, 178lbs.

The material is really nice, the jersey is made and finished well and I'm sure the material would make me feel sexier than I am. Bummer I have to return this.