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5 5

The lobsters are really comfortable and warm, work as advertised. They are a tad more bulky then other gloves I've used but they do a great job. In fact these glove almost do the job too well, and if its not well below freezing then they are too much. The liners are great for shorter rides when its cool and used by themselves.


4 5

Got some of these as a gift when the gf got them when she bought the bibs. Overall a great sock, have them in white and red. The vent holes are well positioned to work with the ones on my shoes, and the socks barely feel like they are on. Overall can't complain.


3 5

Overall these bibs are pretty good, comfortable bibs. Definitely order a size up from normal. All my other cycling shorts and bibs are large, got XL in these thanks to the size chart. The straps are a bit on the thick side, yet the rest of the bibs are actually really thin. So thin if fact that in the right light they are SEE THROUGH. This means if you don't cover an embarrassing area fully then it may be visible. For me the chammy doesn't come as far forward as I would prefer, and I'm in danger of showing off if I'm not careful.

Other than that, the bibs are comfortable, breathe exceptionally well, and look good. A better chamois and thicker material in the groin/lower back, plus thinner straps would make a 5 star bib.


4 5

Overall a comfortable jersey that does a great job. Sizing runs normal t-shirt for me, not one down (5'6" 190lbs). Overall the jersey is comfortable and fits snug as it should. The gripper along the waist is a nice addition, and the material breathes well as described.

Just make sure you use the size chart to ensure the right size.

Use the size chart, good jersey