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5 5

These are a pretty nice glove. I use 'em in AZ winters, so think around 40-60 degrees, and sunny, and they keep my hands pretty warm. They keep most of the wind out, and my hands haven't got cold on a ride yet. These gloves work exactly as I need 'em to.

If it got any colder, or was raining, I'd probably go with a "real" winter glove, as in one that had a shell, and thermal lining.


5 5

Bought these when they were on sale, last summer. Best shoe purchase I've made in a while!

Very lightweight, and very comfortable. You almost forget they're on your feet, once you start riding in them. They're nicely padded, and don't move around on your foot.

The ratchet works well, and the velcro straps stay put after you adjust them.

I bought the same size as my running shoes, and the fit is spot on.

The only thing I don't like, is the white rubber toe guard, has turned a little bit yellow, from the AZ sun. I can't fault the shoe for this, as the sun out here ruins everything,


5 5

Bought these to do our winter metric centuries in. Liked the price, and trust the Hincapie name.

These are perfect for our AZ winters. Used 'em in a 78 mile charity ride, when the weather was in the 40-50's. Kept me plenty warm at the start, and weren't too hot at the finish line, either. I also wore 'em on a group ride, when the start temp was in the high 30's. They worked pretty good, but I go for a full on tight, if it's gonna be that cold.

The chamois is very comfortable. On the longer ride, I never got sore, nor did I get that uncomfortable, can't find a good spot on the saddle feeling, that I've had with other shorts/bibs.

The only negative, was the sizing. I usually wear an XXL in all shorts, but these ran a little on the big side. I can still wear 'em, but if I lose even 5 lbs., I'll have to get a smaller size. My next Hincapie purchase will be an XL.

Overall, I'd say a good value, and a very nice bib. I'll be getting some other Hincapie products, based on this purchase.


5 5

Not much too say, other than this is a great pair of shoes. Ordered a 10.5, per the sizing chart, and they fit perfectly. Very comfortable, not hot-spots, or weird feeling ares within the shoe. Speedplay cleats bolted right up, and the grid helps align the cleats symmetrically for both shoes.

Nice venting, don't even notice they're on my feet most of the time, and that's pretty good for living in the AZ desert! The insole, and padding around the opening is nice, too.