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My info:
Height 6'-3"; weight 195lbs; body type athletic.
I ride 3-4 times a week; regular rides in the 30-40 miles with one ride a week in the 70--100 miles.

I bought this bib for my long rides. Other shorts that I use for long rides are Assos fI.mille-s5. I bought the Exo in XL size and the Assos I use are XLG. I bought Assos XLG because that is the size that was recommended based on my height, although my next pair will be an XL, the XLG feels too loose on my waist.

I like the Exo better from the hip up. They are perfect on the waist and the suspenders are in my opinion superior to Assos, I really like the no-seem approach. Also I prefer the cut for both suspenders and on the front at waist level--a bit lower, more opened. I never felt the suspenders for the whole lengths of my rides. The chamois is good but Assos is better. For my liking Assos chamois is just perfect, everything, the fit, the padding. I have not found any other shorts that match that. Also, I like better Assos fit/fabric on the legs. The Exo after a couple of hours start feeling too tight for what I like and it bugged me.

I will use the Exo for my shorter rides and stick with Assos for my long rides, I will just try a size down on the fi.mille next time, to see if the waist gets a bit tighter but still maintains length on the suspenders. For the Exo, not sure if available, if I had a chance to purchase again, I would probably look into XXL to get more room in the legs.


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Used it on 2 rides. The shirt fabric is great but I don't like the elastic on the arms at all. It is way to tight for my body type (athletic, 6'-3"' 195lbs). I bought size XXL, and with other brands I use that size would be ok on chest/arms, normally wide on the waist.

They should use a more forgiving elastic for the arms. No need to have it so tight for an XXL size.