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5 5

This is a great wind and rain blocker. I wore it on a cycling trip in the wettest summer Belgium has ever(?) had. Wind and rain for 5-6 hours per day! I'd say for the first four hours I was quite dry. After that, it gets a bit overwhelmed, but for its lightness and ease of packing, I've rated it quite highly.


3 5

These shorts are, as indicated by previous reviewers, heavy. No problem, AND they fit great. HOWEVER, there are 4 lbs. of dimensional plastic on each leg. That is NOT a screenprint, of a shark as I thought it was, based on the photo. I'm contemplating sending them back, but also keeping them and removing the plastic. I still haven't decided.


4 5

I don't like to pay list, and even on sale this stuff is expensive, but I generally feel I get my money's worth. I like the colors (I have 4) and the pattern, and the full-zip gives me options from my morning to my afternoon commutes. One thing: its label says there is a hidden "sweat-proof" pocket. Either it's hidden REALLY well or it's not there.