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3 5

Bought this, thinking it would be great to have on rides.
Looked cool, felt nice. But the first time my chain broke
and I tried to use it, I was bummed. It felt awkward, the handle
is not long enough, basically too small to do the job. It can do the
job, but not with ease. Ended up using a friends tool. Added a larger chain tool to my pack.


4 5

This sucker is beefy, and coiled cable is extremely stiff making it awkward to thread through the wheels and bike frame.While trying to lock the bike, I have had the cable snap back and hit the bike frame chipping the paint. The
holder is useless, because of the bulk of the cable and I haven't really found any good place on the frame. I just tossthe cable into my backpack. I can live with, but would like something a little more flex. I like the key hole
cover, for dirt from getting into it. After I had it a short time, I broke the key
in the lock, not sure why,maybe I wasn't paying attention when I inserted.Had
steel replacement keys made.


Nice Jacket, not to happy with the color, but it's all they had in stock at the time. Would have liked the blue. The detachable forearm
sleeves bug me, so I keep them off, and carry them
with me in case things get colder than expected. Material feels good, great cut fits loose(I'm a med, but the jacket is a large).A medium would have snug with another layer underneath.Water resistant, nice wind shielding. Haven't been in a down pour with it yet.