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On paper, it seemed like it would be a great thing that can fit all the essentials. In actual use however, it didn't really fit anything without becoming all bulky. When minimized, almost all of the little pockets weren't used because nothing fit. And finally getting it in and out of the jersey pocket was a pain.

I wish I could say that this is only my initial impression and that I am going to keep using it but I'm just going back to the Lezyne Caddy Sack. It just fits in the pocket better and stores everything in a compact manner.


4 5

I've had it on for about 500 miles or so and for $20, works just as well as higher price chains I've used. Haven't had rust issues, or poor shifting either. I would toss the quick link it comes with and throw on a KMC to make taking the chain off much easier. Besides the bad kidney shaped link thing, good chain. (Especially for the price)